Sharetings – The Place To Reduce Waste


What is Sharetings?

Sharetings is a hyper-local, peer-to-peer, waste reduction mobile marketplace that empowers individuals to make more environmentally conscious decisions by enabling them to share, swap, or save usable items instead of disposing of them or purchasing new ones.

How does Sharetings work?

To use Sharetings, individuals can download the mobile app and sign up for an account. They can then list items that they no longer need or want and make them available for others in their community Users can also browse listings in their area and contact the owner of an item if they are interested in getting it.

Can I list any item on Sharetings?

There are restrictions on what can be listed on Sharetings. For example, we do not allow the listing of illegal or dangerous items, prescription medicine, pets, and any other illegal or unethnical product / services.

How do I contact the owner of a listed item?

To contact the owner of a listed item on Sharetings, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Sharetings app and sign in to your account
  • Find the item you are interested in and tap on it to view the listing
  • Tap the "Request item" button to send a message to the owner of the item

How does Sharetings promote sustainability?

Sharetings promotes sustainability in several ways: By encouraging individuals to share, swap, or save usable items rather than disposing of them or purchasing new ones, Sharetings helps reduce waste and the environmental impact of consumerism. By facilitating the reuse of items, Sharetings helps extend the lifespan of products and reduces the demand for new resources to be used in the production of new items.

What can I do on Sharetings?

You can share your excess items, swap fashion related products and explore our Share Your Book Feature. More features will be launched soon.

How does swaptings work?

Swaptings is a program offered by Sharetings that allows users to trade fashion items for free in order to reduce waste in the fashion industry. You may post a listing and wait for swappers to match with you.


Can I sell on Sharetings?

No. Selling of items is prohibited. Please use other platforms if you wish to sell your item.

Can I charge postage/courier fees if I don't want to meet up?

Sharetings is a 100% hyper-local platform that aims to provide a positive user experience and reduce the risk of scams and profiteering. To achieve this, all deals on the platform must be made through meetups or contactless sharing. This helps to minimize the potential for negative experiences and ensure that users are able to interact safely and securely within their local community.



How can I report an user/listing?

You may report by clicking the report button in the listing

I have a suggestion for Sharetings. Who can I contact?

If you have a question that isn't answered in the FAQ,  you can contact us at

Is there a fee for using Sharetings?

No, Sharetings does not charge a fee to use the platform. Users can list, browse, and transact on the app for free.

I am a business and I am running a giveaway content. Can I post this campaign on Sharetings?

No, Sharetings does not allow businesses or organisations to run giveaway marketing contest on our app. You may contact us at if you wish to part us to run your campaign.