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Sharetings is a hyper-local, peer-to-peer, waste reduction mobile marketplace that empowers individuals to make more environmentally conscious decisions by enabling them to share, swap, or save usable items instead of disposing of them or purchasing new ones. By leveraging the power of community and technology, Sharetings encourages sustainable consumption and helps reduce waste and carbon emissions.

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Sharing of preloved usable items for FREE

Through Sharetings, you can access a wide range of pre-owned, usable items for free, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.

Discover the benefits of trading fashion items for free on Sharetings

By participating in Swaptings’ program, you can access fashion items for free and help reduce waste in the fashion industry.

RecycleGoWhere is a subsidiary project under

Youth adults have a low rate of recycling, because they lack knowledge of recycling and it is inconvenient to find recycling points beyond the blue bin. This project aims to improve recycling rates by providing a one-stop search point for Recycling Beginners to gather information on recycling right, as well as recycling points.

Singapore has only 1 landfill, Pulau Semakau, which will fill up by 2035. If we do not recycle regularly and correctly, we cannot ensure the longevity of the landfill, and we will have to create new landfills, which causes environmental destruction and requires land space that Singapore does not possess.

Find support and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals on Sharetings

Sharetings provides a supportive environment for exchanging daily tips and engaging in meaningful conversations


To harness the power of technology to significantly reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future


To become the leading Eco-friendly platform and out-compete the landfill as the preferred destination for reusable items


Givers & Takers

Our platform caters to a diverse range of users, including students, household members, and organizations


We cater to individuals who are passionate about fashion and are looking for a more sustainable way to refresh their wardrobe



Here's how to get started:


Sign up for an account to access all the features of our platform and start sharing, swapping, or saving items.


Explore our vast selection of pre-owned, usable items. Whether you're looking for fashion items, home goods, or something else, we've got you covered.


Connect with others and start sharing, swapping, or saving. Use our messaging feature to communicate with other users and arrange exchanges or swaps.


Our End Goal

At Sharetings, we are firm believers in the power of community and technology to drive positive change. We understand that individually, we may feel limited in our ability to make a difference, but together, we can achieve so much more. That’s why we created Sharetings – to bring people together and provide them with the tools they need to make eco-friendly choices. Through the sharing, swapping, and saving of usable items, we aim to reduce waste and contribute to the creation of a cleaner, greener city. By leveraging the latest technology and leveraging the power of the crowd, we hope to encourage and empower individuals to adopt more sustainable practices.

It's quick, easy and free to get started!

It's quick, easy and free to get started!